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I've been producing and mixing records for more than 20 years and a glance at my showreel will reveal that I have never been confined by genre. Great music exists in so many forms, and one of the things I love most about my job is the variety. I believe that once it exists, the song will call the shots. It is the producer’s job, alongside the artist, to interpret it and create the definitive version.

In the last few years I've found myself becoming increasingly specialised as a mixer, and have a reputation for meticulous attention to detail. One of my greatest strengths is really understanding the artist/producer's vision and bringing out the track's true identity. So often I've seen other mixers do a perfectly good implementation, but of the wrong mix; there's something about the song that they just haven't quite got. In short, my clients are always super happy.

My mixes are renowned for their size and depth and I'm known in particular for my treatment of vocals. So often these days vocals are thin, overly bright and small. I like vocals to sound big!

I am also now able to deliver Atmos mixes. I've been trained by Dolby's chief engineer at their London HQ and I'm working in a Dolby-certified 7.1.4 studio.

I do still love getting my hands dirty from time to time and getting in the studio to record artists from scratch. There's a real magic in capturing performances and being a part of the creative process. I work closely with artists in pre-production to ensure that the songs are properly arranged and structured. A great recording starts with great performances and I know from feedback from the artists with whom I’ve worked that this is a speciality of mine. I push them hard and will not stop until we have what we need, but they always thank me for it in the end! I’m a multi-instrumentalist and am therefore able to get right into the nuts and bolts of each element.

I’ve worked in pretty much every studio of note over the years, including Metropolis, Abbey Road, Eastcote, RAK, Monnow Valley, Ridge Farm, Studio Du Manoir, Townhouse, Parr Street, Real World and so on. As such, my experience comprehensively takes in pretty much any desk, microphone and outboard you’d care to mention. I generally prefer to be out in the sticks for tracking and there are a few places I use regularly on various farms. For mixing I usually work from my studio in Brighton.

Please feel free to get in touch via the Contact page if you want to discuss a project, or e-mail Alex at Z Management.

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