Below are a series of updates on recent projects. It's a good place to start if you want to see what I'm up to, but if you'd like to know more about me and my background please visit the about section.

All Saints

1st August 2018

It always seemed to me that All Saints were the most credible of the 90's girl bands. Having a songwriter in the group gave them a greater sense of individuality; songs like Black Coffee and Pure Shores are undeniably great, and are still played all the time.

I was played the first single in a meeting and it was not what I expected; 168bpm, big tribal drums.. I went on to mix the album as well as doing some additional production on a couple of songs. Here's Love Lasts Forever.


Maribou State

20th June 2018

I've been a fan of these guys for years and was very pleased to be asked to mix this, their first single from the new album. I was working on this at the same time as the All Saints record and the crusty, lo-fi vibe provided a nice contrast to the big vocal arrangements! This is Turnmills.

Maribou State.jpg

Mura Masa

10th January 2018

I finished up 2017 mixing a couple of tracks for Mura Masa, whom I think it's safe to say has had an incredible year, culminating in a Grammy nomination for Best Dance/Electronic Album. No small achievement at the age of 21.

Here's a live version of the single "What If I Go", which I mixed recently.

Rina Sawayama

1st October 2017

I've always been drawn to artists with a strong sense of identity, something unique that I can help to bring out. Rina Sawayama, in collaboration with Clarence Clarity, has crafted something unique. Masterful pop songwriting, sharp social commentary and a sound that takes in all kinds of things that should definitely not work together; Britney, early Madonna, even N-Sync.. J-pop, 80's guitars, key changes, trashy drums.. And not only is the result amazing, it is also cool, current and even futuristic. Very enjoyable to work on.

I've just finished mixing the mini-album "Rina", but in the meantime here's the single "Alterlife", which I mixed earlier this summer.


1st September 2017

I've been mixing Salute's music since 2015's Gold Rush EP, and he has been going from strength to strength. Earlier this year I mixed "Light Up" featuring Liv Dawson, and this latest single features Gabrielle Aplin on vocals. That Giiiirl!

Two Door Cinema Club & Other News

20th March 2017

2016 was a busy year, culminating in mixing tracks on Two Door Cinema Club's top 5 album "Gameshow". This year started with the exciting news that I have now joined the amazing roster of producers, mixers and writers at Z Management.

It's only March, but I have already made a new album with Jono McCleery and mixed singles by North Downs, Ruby Francis and Salute. Too much to post about individually so instead, here is my Spotify playlist of recent work, which I update fairly regularly with new releases.

Jodie Abacus

August 23rd 2016

I've been working on Jodie's music for a while now and I love his brand of infectious soul pop and quirky production. The album is on the way (and believe me, it is killer!), but in the meantime here's the latest single "I'll Be That Friend".


July 12th 2016

Following the success of her debut single "Indulge" and her remarkably confident performance on Later With Jools Holland (alongside fellow Jones, Tom) I mixed her follow-up, "Hoops". I've also mixed the album, which will be arriving in October, and this is the current single "Melt".


August 24th 2016

I've been seriously craving some lary guitars of late, and this lot certainly don't disappoint. It was recorded live and I tried to bring that out as much as possible in the mix. This is the first single from the debut album "Quixota", which will be released later this year on Small Town America.

Rebecca Clements

April 16th 2016

Having already attracted significant attention with her single "Pure Wasted", I was asked to mix this, her follow up single "Spiral". Big song, big production.. There was only one thing for it; make it sound BIG!


March 20th 2016

This young pop duo are immensely talented songwriters. It is very unique skill to be able to write an all-out catchy pop song whilst retaining some cool credibility, and they certainly posess it in abundance. As well as their last single "Potluck", I mixed their latest offering "Everyone I Know".

Junk Son

October 16th 2015

This is the first track to be released from the debut album, which I am currently mixing. I loved the vibe of this track as soon as I heard it and it has won Junk Son (aka John Dunk) plaudits as well as some high profile tours, including Ninja Tunes' Maribou State and Mercury Prize nominee Ghostpoet.

Jono McCleery

July 30th 2015

I first became aware of Jono McCleery a few years ago when I was bowled over by his cover of Black's "Wonderful Life". He is one of those rare singers who is just born with a unique voice, instantly recognisable and full of character. A couple of years later, I mixed a Royce Wood Junior single featuring a glittering vocal cast which included Jono as well as Kwabs, Jamie Woon and George Maple.


Fast forward to 2014, and I find myself working on his new record. The first track released is another cover, this time of Robert Wyatt's "Age Of Self". Jono's performance is typically beautiful and the lyrics are arguably more poignant now than ever before. As well as producing and mixing it, I also dusted off my harmonium for that little bit of extra magic.

Royce Wood Junior album & more

May 20th 2015

It’s been a while since my last update; to say I’ve been busy would be an understatement! Among other things, I’ve been working on a new album by Jono McCleery and mixing new material for Roots Manuva and Cinematic Orchestra. I also worked with Royce Wood Junior on his forthcoming album The Ashen Tang, which is out in June. Trust me when I say it’s an absolute beauty! Indeed, mid way through mixing the record I texted him to say “if I could only ever work on your music, I’d be perfectly happy”. The songwriting is impeccable, and the album has everything from old-school soul grooves to ultra-modern wonk. Here’s an upbeat song about death..